Visonic Powermax Panel Potential Data Memory Corruption Issue


Visonic has become aware of a potential issue affecting PowerMax® Express panels with firmware version A15.015; PowerMax Complete panels with firmware version B15.014 & B15.115; and PowerMax-Pro panels with firmware version C15.014 that were manufactured by Visonic from February 2012 to February 2015. The external memory in these devices, which contains panel configuration, LCD texts and predefined SMS messages, can be eventually overwritten by the device’s event log file. This condition takes approximately one to three years to occur (depending on daily levels of system activity), as it is the result of an accumulation of daily event information stored in the system. The resulting impact on the panel’s operation could be false alarms and/or incorrect or corrupted SMS messages for an end user. Ultimately, if not corrected with a software update, it could result in system failure.

Corrective Actions

The firmware in the affected products should be modified to address this issue. There are several options:

  1. Dealers, distributors and installers who wish to implement the firmware modification themselves should contact the Visonic support center in North America (phone number +1-844-888-2391) for a software modification package and instructions.
  2. End-users potentially affected by this issue should contact the alarm dealer/installer that installed their security system to verify that they have an affected product, and, if so, to obtain updated software or a replacement panel. If an end user does not have an alarm dealer/installer, they should contact Visonic’s support center at +1-844-888-2391.
  3. Dealers, distributors and installers who prefer that Visonic modify the firmware should call the Visonic support center in North America (phone number +1-844-888-2391) for software modification. If the panel needs to be shipped to Visonic’s support facility for repair, a new or refurbished replacement will be provided in adva

Dealers, distributors and installers should contact their potentially affected end user customers and make arrangements to provide one of the foregoing remediation actions.

Affected Units Range

Catalog Number Product Name Serial Number Range* 
1  0-101367 PWRMAX EXPRESS (315) LA KIT PowerMax 0712067304 through 2514386119
2  0-101415 PM EXP(315)211 P-ENR TSTT GSM BRONZE 4612001227 through 2714523277
3  0-101457 PM EXP(315)322 P-ENR TSTT GSM SILVER 4612008888 through 0315065715
4  0-101788 PM DESIGN (315) 211 PRE-ENR KIT PowerMax 2911030609 through 1314263468
5  0-102035 PWRMAX EXPRESS (315) VPS KIT PowerMax 0812701305 through 1612013126
6  0-101692 PM COMPLETE USA (315) GSM 3-1-1 KIT 1411025864
7  0-101693 PM COMPLETE USA (315) 3-1-1 KIT 1411025759 through 0113016311
8  0-101312 PMAX EXPRESS (315) 211 PRE-ENR GSM KIT 5109005125 through 2312020274
9  0-101473 PM EXPRESS(315)SURVEILLANCE PL QF KT 4012016495 through 4012016497
10  0-101358 PWRMAX PRO (315) 211&TAGS ENRL.KIT 0712049375 through 0214171012
11  0-101360 PWRMAX PRO(315)211&TAGS GSM ENRL.KIT 0712049242 through 0314257996
12  0-102373 PWRMAX EXPRESS (315) LA KIT1 1612060883 through 2312006810
13  0-101100 POWERMAX EXPRESS (315) KIT 3212009927
14  0-102227 PWRMAX COMPLETE(868)Abbra GER KIT 4812030184 through 4812030189
15  0-101455 PM EXP(315)5321 P-ENR TSTT GSM GOLD 5212032058 through 0915468481
16  0-102533 PM EXPRESS (315) (2 1 1) OEM GPA KIT 3712002019 through 3712025813
17  0-103050 PM EXP(315)211 P-ENR TSTT Basic 2814000001 through 0415157952
18  0-103051 PM EXP(315) Medi-Alert Package TSTT 2114138174 through 2514384543
19  0-100338 PWRMAX PRO (315) USA KIT 2212027709 through 2212027738
20  0-101253 PWRMAX PRO (315) USA GSM&PLINK KIT 1313000794 through 5010058402
21  0-101342 PMAX EXPRESS (315) 211 PRE-ENR KIT 14209044412 through 2113A06254

*The first four digits represent manufacture WWYY format.