Odyssey X3 – Now available in white frame!

Distributor only notification. UK Installer announcement on 08/09/15

Illuminate your logo, elevate your brand, deliver the highest quality security

The new Odyssey X3 brings innovation and a modern twist to external sounders, providing unparalleled performance and extensive features to benefit installers and end users alike. Odyssey X – see the light.

Odyssey X3 covers are now available in a white or black frame with blue, red, green and white lens options. A choice of 6 electronic backplates provide illuminated Grade 2 and Grade 3 sounders, non-illuminated Grade 2 and Grade 3 sounders, wireless and dummy sounder options. Custom made graphic inserts can be ordered directly from the Texecom website.

Odyssey X3 Key Features:

  • Custom graphic inserts for professional installer branding
  • A choice of 6 electronic backplate modules
  • Illuminated X3 cover options
  • Wired, wireless & dummy versions
  • White comfort LEDs
  • A host of installer-friendly features
  • Designed to comply with EN50131-4

The Odyssey X3 is available to order now!

Contact Texecom Sales on +44 (0)1706 220460 or visit the Odyssey X website for more details.

Odyssey X3 Cover Part Codes:

WDB-0001   Odyssey X3 Cover (White/Blue)


WDB-0002   Odyssey X3 Cover (White/Red)


WDB-0003   Odyssey X3 Cover (White/White)


WDB-0008   Odyssey X3 Cover (White/Green)

WDB-0004   Odyssey X3 Cover (Black/Blue)


WDB-0005   Odyssey X3 Cover (Black/Red)


WDB-0006   Odyssey X3 Cover (Black/White)


WDB-0007   Odyssey X3 Cover (Black/Green)